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The passenger makes reservations by phone and a company 4x4 pickup collects you at the hotel at an arranged time and brings you to the base of sportquad. The base is located in Villa Yacoana, Valle hermoso, Valle de Punilla, Cordoba, Argentina. There, one of the 4 guides will be waiting for you and after a chat and test of the vehicles, the excursion starts with the guide followed by the rest of the participants. Most of the journey its off the roads, going through narrow paths, climbing mountains and crossing rivers in a picturesque setting.
There are 40 excursions yearly from 1 to 5 days. They are led by a guide in a quad that is constantly communicating with base and a 4x4 pickup closes the excursion.
There is a mechanic, and a cook accompaning us - needed for the barbecue essentials, for gaining energies for the adventure. Each pilot drives their own quad, for the ones that do not own their own quad you have the facility of renting a quad from our team.
There are excursions for groups or families, and they are organised according to their interests and expectations. They will get personalised attention and a camera man will film the group and adventure for you to bring home an unforgettable souvenier. We add a GPS and a laptop for the participants to watch the film in a flat screen tv only minutes after finishing it. (generally over lunch).
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